Minister of Music and Media – Jay Parker

jay parker

My story is built around my faith in Jesus and my family. I grew up in Collinsville, MS, where I attended a church based daycare. Growing up, I was in church all of my life. Through these years my family and I got involved with horses and I competed at the local and state levels. I was also very active in the 4-H program, where I learned much that helped me be who I am today. I had an early religious experience and was baptized, but as time progressed, I knew I remained unchanged. I was a good person yet headed on the road to hell.

I thought by filling my life with religious activities God would accept me into heaven. I was teaching a Sunday school class and serving as the Associate Pastor of worship at my home church when we had a revival. God hit me hard through the week and I realized that I need a real relationship with Jesus. I gave my heart to Him and I have never been the same. God has blessed me beyond measure and I owe everything to Him.

For the past 15 years, I have been so blessed to serve some great churches. Along this journey God has blessed me with my wife, Misty, who happens to be my very best friend. She is an awesome mom to our daughter Madalyn, and our newest addition Joel.

In August 2008, God called us here to First Baptist Center Star. It was hard leaving our families in Mississippi, yet we have seen the Lord at work in an incredible way. We have been greatly blessed with so many new friends who are like family to us. Serving Jesus in this church has been amazing. Our desire is to make a great impact for the kingdom of God here by reaching the lost for Christ and helping other believers grow in their journey with the Lord.